What is Sentient Sculpt?

Sentient Sculpt, is a new body sculpting technology that uses microwave frequency to kill fat and stimulate tightening and remodeling of the skin. It is  also the only noninvasive treatment that is FDA APPROVED for Long Lasting Cellulite Correction . We love the results our clients are getting! We know you will love it too!

What areas can be treated with Sentient Sculpt

Basically any area that you want to spot fat reduce, tighten skin and smooth the cellulite surface. Typical areas are

✔️ belly fat

✔️sides (muffin top)

✔️flank or back fat

✔️Arms/Bat wings 

✔️Upper back or bra fat

✔️Inner thighs 

✔️front thighs above knee 

✔️back thighs under buttocks

✔️Side thigh ( cellulite area)



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Benefits of Sentient Sculpt?

  • Permanently get rid of Stubborn Fat  in areas that are difficult to reduce even with Healthy Diet and Exercise. 
  • Skin tightening and remodeling (rejuvenation) on a cellular level. 
  • Long lasting Cellulite Correction
  • Fast results
  • Zero Downtime 
  • Painless

Results are what’s important

Check out our client results from Sentient Sculpt

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Why is Sentient Sculpt more effective than other forms of Body Sculpting?

Sentient Sculpt  uses  Microwave technology instead of Radio Frequency technology.

Sculpt is remarkably effective and easily tolerated because it uses 2.45 Gigahertz energy, known to target fat and leave the skin at a comfortable temperature. 

Sculpt delivers 80% more energy directly to the fat layer, making Sculpt more targeted to fat than any other non-invasive technology. 

Other treatments are absorbed by the skin first, painfully heating the skin and ineffectually reaching fat. Sculpt’s energy works from the inside out, starting in the fat layer and rebounding to comfortably heat the skin, resulting in fat cell destruction and collagen remodeling.

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How does Sentient Sculpt work differently on Cellulite?

Sculpt FDA cleared for Long Lasting reduction of cellulite.  Microwave technology is specifically targeted to the fat zone which also is the location of  fibrous bands that create the dimple in cellulite.

It is proven to target cellulite in a multimodal fashion:

  • It dissolves the fibrous type 1 collagen bands that tether the skin to underlying tissues and create dimples (think about heating a rubber band over and over, which over time relaxes the cellulite band and let’s the dimple release).
  • It destroys surrounding fat cells that exaggerate the dimpling
  • It tightens overlying skin to reduce the appearance of dimpling

How is sculpt Different than CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting freezes fat cells in a process called cryolipolysis. Patients find the Sculpt treatments significantly more comfortable and more affordable. Additionally, there are almost no potential complications with Sculpt in comparison to CoolSculpting which has risk of burns, blisters, long term hyperpigmentation, and PAH (hardening and increase of the fat layer resulting in a shelf like look). 

With Sculpt there is no risk of PAH and less risk of burns in comparison to Radio Frequency Treatments 

In short… there’s no reason to choose any other treatment if you want to reduce fat in difficult areas, tighten skin and get long lasting cellulite correction! 

Your next step is to …

But what is the cost?

Much, Much less than CoolSculpting or surgery to remove fat and tighten skin. 

This is a one time introductory offer for new clients who want to try Sculpt and see the difference. 

For new clients wanting to get started on their journey to your healthier and more confident self, we are offering the first treatment round at $149 per area treated. Regular pricing is $400 per area and we do have a special package pricing to help you continue your journey.

How big is a Sculpt Treatment area and how many treatments should I get?

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The treatment quadrants for Sculpt are about 7x9”.  You may treat up to 6 quadrants (treatment areas) at one appointment. When you come for your free consultation and evaluation, we can give you an estimate of number of treatments needed to accomplish your specific goals. But Most patients see a difference after only one treatment. Responses and results may vary.

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In Summary

Sentient Sculpt is the newest technology in the noninvasive, nonsurgical body sculpting world. It works on 3 levels: Fat Reduction, Skin Tightening and Long Lasting Cellulite Correction. It has less risk and complications than CoolSculpting or Radio Frequency Treatments. And it’s AFFORDABLE!

This introductory offer for new clients is for a limited time. $149 per area with maximum of 6 treatments is available now to help you kickstart your journey to a healthier and more confident YOU! 

At Radianté Spa we know that confidence is key to how you feel. A confident YOU is A beautiful YOU and we want to help you feel confident and RADIANTÉ (Radiant YOU)!

Come Home to Radianté Spa. You won’t want to leave!!

*Introductory offer Of $149 is for new clients only and is limited to 6 treatments.

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